What was the original purpose of the stock market

What was the original purpose of the stock market

Author: Andzensan On: 24.05.2017

The fundamentals, by most accounts, are indicative of an economy on the cusp of a total detonation within the next year. Now, with the prospect of an abysmal shopping season for retailers because of tapped out consumers, the first quarter of could cause serious problems in financial markets as a result of lackluster performance in corporate earnings.

Ken Jorgustin of Modern Survival Blog writes:. Is there a major financial crash in our near future? You must check out this stunning analogy between the current day Dow Jones Industrial Index compared with the time period leading up to the memorable stock market crash….

A lead-up to just any old top is one thing, but the top was followed by a memorable decline, which makes it all the more worthy of our attention…. Read by 43, people Date: December 4th, Website: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www.

Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats. I am an attorney. Should you desire I will be happy to represent you in an action legally changing your name to Chicken Little.

Russia survived the Soviet Union. America will survive the New World Order. How much pain they inflict upon US depends upon the political activism of the American people; which is why I encourage US to engage. Pass legislation that requires the FED to buy back much of that debt every year, year after year. Then retire that debt as it is repurchased. That happens anyway as debt matures, or the FED calls the debt and refinances that debt at a lower rate.

The lower rate has allowed the FED to maintain the ratio while increasing the amount of debt. That is happening now and has been occurring for some time. Corporations must have a ready and fungible instrument to park their excess cash.

Corporations have an enormous amount of excess cash. They park that cash in US Treasuries. The aggregate numbers of corporate cash are staggering which is why people like you cannot grasp the bigger picture. If the October numbers are to be believed, the world is moving to the dollar not away from it. The rate of debt HAS been unsustainable.

That corner has been turned, at least for now. That ratio is cyclical. While I rail against the FED, want to kill it, and hang the Gangster Banksters; the mechanisms of the system which have been honed over the last hundred years is nothing short of amazing. It is the perfect Ponzi scheme because the FED has the ability to add and subtract dollars from the system when an investor wants their money back, or wants to buy some Bonds.

You, like many others without a true understanding of its mechanisms, underestimate its capabilities. That is not to say that I like a cabal of Private Bankers controlling and using OUR money for their profit, but I do recognize the beauty of the system; and believe it would be more beautiful without the FED.

Even without the FED, the mechanisms of the system are necessary for global commerce, and I would rather that OUR private bankers control OUR money than have it managed by the IMF, Europeans, the UN, or the Chinese. Someone will manage it Walt, be careful for what you wish. Detroit does not represent chaos. It represents a planned demolition. Stick your head up my ass Walt, and you will see the bigger picture. After you have read that article and the comments below it please come back here and let me know what you thought about the article.

Those criminals in detroit are cooking the books. They are adding the total of retirement and pension funds that they owe for the next umpteen years rather than just for the year ; but they are only including the revenue due for the year All fed, state, and city governments are doing the same to make their citizens accept losing reirement funds, et. We should all look into the CAFR accounting for our government entities. One poster here on shtf said he had done an article on CAFR accounting and he felt he was being surveiled.

In the comments section on the link I have ask you to go to a political figure who was a candidate for the president of the US said he knew about the CAFR accounting scheme but would not broadcast it out of fear for the safety of his family! Back in there was still an excellent base of farms and food production that was natural, none of this GMO crap, and much more to go around.

Back in you did not have Fukushima, Deepwater Horizon, and the countless other man made toxins dumped into our food supplies. Back in precious metals and the world dollars around the world had something to back them up. Back in people were a hardy stock that could take hardships in stride and recover from and make their lives better.

In other words people that were tough and got tougher. Back in people had common sense and understood how important it was to stock up and keep a good pantry of food fro the winter. I could go on and on, but everyone gets the point.

The people back in could recover from a SHTF event. Talk about an infant bird completely dependent on being feed reguritated food to live. Even those in cities back in could find something in the form of food in soup lines or in the countryside. Now mass starvation is extremely probable.

Just look again at those fat slobs walking around after hurricane Katrina and taking dumps everywhere in the Superdome where it was convenient. A Philippine type hurricane now in New Orleans would completely submerge the whole city and killor more that are totally ill prepared and totally depend on Mr. Back ineven without modern weather forecasting a fraction of that would perish. In a stock market crash was recoverable. In, or whenever a stock crash or whatever else will bring most people right to their knees fast and hard.

This is the whole problem whether you are talking about a stock crash or other SHTF, forget about the mega SHTF event sthe complete vulnerability of such events to totally F so many lives and literally kill people in the hoards.

That is the whopping problem that NO ONE can deny and the frighteing equation of all of this, DEATH and lots of it.

If I may add in we didnt have swarms,droves and hoards of welfare people collecting, EBT, Welfare, SNAP, WIC checks,TANF, AFDC,Section 8 housing,Medicade, Medicare, Earned Income Credit,……………………. So many upset doomers today.

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And I was hoping to have an enjoyable reading of some of the crazies statements ever. When Cromwell and Napoleon were at Waterloo,Rothschild sent emissaries to the battle field. Rothschild went to the London exchange and reported that Napoleon was winning.

The crash of 29 was orchestrated as well. I have this on good authority. Be it a crash today or whenever. These bastards loaned out trillions yet reported an billion bailout til an audit revealed otherwise.

Natural disasters such as the Sun belching up a large X or X50 flare, earthquakes, tsunamis, supervolcanic activity, gamma ray pulse, comet or asteroid impact, natural super plague from nature, or whatever else Morth Nature comes up is something that humans have no control over.

They MIGHT have some degree of ability to help fuel or steer hurricanes, but the amount of energy to do this is enormous. Almost all natural disasters we all are at the mercy of. There is many myths out there about humans being able to create tsunamis, ocean wide, using underwater nukes.

While this is possible on a localized very narrow scope, creating a tsunami over an ocean such as the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic oceans require the energy of tens of thousands of 1 mega ton nukes. This sounds good in science fiction but lacks the shear size necessary to bring this about. Like the Canary Islands myth, it takes a mass amount of energy to move a mass of water a certain distance and heighth.

Humans are centuries or millenniums away from even beginning to control nature. Even that Hadron collidor in Switzerland they are clueless what they are doing. They might accidentally open a mini black hole looking for a way to open some portal to another dimension or something. This is why I so stress to everyone to expect the unexpected in regards to nature, be as ready as possible and always try to prepare for the worst.

When the less than worst occurs you will be ready. IF an event does take place; its going to get really ugly FAST. Bi We dont even need a total SHTF event to screw things up, An extremely cold and slightly longer winter followed by an extremely wet spring and summer should be enough to cause problems.

Maybe other events or a combination of.? If their gonna go. Their gonna go big. Look to see them gone or on vacation in DC.? People might get mad and bring torches and pitchforks. Otherwise just pockets of resistance. Love listening to the radio show economist as if they hold the strings to the planet. Lots of good comments though. But are you ready for the UN troops? Those are the ones that were given free food and shelter for their families if they bring their weapons in and to help round up dissidents.

Bet they might even get a UN cool looking hat. I mean if I was a UN troop that sounds good to me. Let them do it first. Give them another box meal. Just like everything else, the plan has always been to promote the American dream while stealing the fruits of our labor, most productive years of our lives in hopes of gently shoving us into an early grave. As a courtesy to you, I went to the website and read the article. I have no problem with it or comments about it. It is an accurate analysis of the situation.

Accounting is as creative an endeavor as painting or sculpture and I have stated that before. As for the intimidation of a presidential candidate; this represents the folly of individuals seeking the presidency as a third party candidate without a viable third party. That is an ego trip, plain and simple.

It is also why I have encouraged everyone to get politically active and establish a Party of New Patriots to pursue Congressional seats. Having said that, understand that WE are all Seal Team America. Do you think anyone would challenge a Third Party Presidential candidate supported by million gun owners?

I think the NWO would quietly shrink back into the shadows at that point for fear of exposing themselves to an enraged and engaged electorate. Yes create the money out of thin air to buy the debt back, say a trillion dollars a year while maintaining current spending levels, and then withdraw money from the system by raising reserve requirements and bad debt.

I wish you would get your story straight! There is ONLY one reason for this, and it has NOTHING to do with the virtues or strength of the dollar.

If a country tries to settle payments think oil in anything other than the paper dollar, the Banksters the real owners of this countrywill use the American military to bomb, and kill them. Strike that… HELL NO! But you, being what you are: So which is it DK? And for that matter…. You speak of those situations as if those people were just some statistic. It is a corrupt, evil, criminal cabal of depraved sociopaths who use their power to destroy the lives of countless innocents.

It takes a pretty perverted mind to describe it as beautiful. And yes…it is PLANNED…something that many of us have said here for a long time. And the engineered collapse is simply part of the strategy of the NWO to further strengthen their hold on power. But you have some sort of Polly-Anna-ish idead that somehow the dollar will be what the world will continue to turn to. You base that upon WHAT exactly? That we WANT it to be that way?

You describe our monetary system as a Ponzi scheme. The nature of any Ponzi scheme is that eventually it collapses. And yet you speak as if it can go on in perpetuity.

Lose that status and the whole thing WILL collapse. You state that the debt is going down because of the sequester. What a bunch statistical nonsense. When Not if the dollar loses reserve status, interest rates on the debt are going sky-rocket. What do you think will happen with the debt then, bright boy? As if the comment was way to fucking important for all to see than to post it where it made any sense. The bottom line is, we know TPTB want to take our wealth and then they want us dead.

Everything after that is nothing more than fluff. I posted as a response in the Detroit commentary, but most had moved on, including Walt, so I re-posted here accordingly. I think it is helpful for everyone here to see another side of the propaganda. Note no one has refuted the numbers that I identified; or the fact that SOME governmental agency is necessary to provide certain financial and investment services to a sophisticated economy.

Many rail against the staus quo, as I do, but no one provides a rational solution to the problem as I do. A lot of anti-American sentiment here. It may be useful to consider the messenger as well as their message.

The Durango Kidd is an egotistical establishment bootlicker, and government stooge, pretending to be otherwise.

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Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly. In America, circano one save the ignorant, or those who benefit from itcould possibly support central banking and the illegitimate State it feeds.

what was the original purpose of the stock market

For one, he is a United States Marine. My father was a United States Marine in Korea and commanded a tank division. Being able to say what you want does not mean you have the right to be heard. Yo Mama; I am Pro America. I am pro America of the Founding Fathers. Of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and Jackson.

I am a Constitutionalist. I am pro central banking in a modern world with global travel and global commerce. A sophisticated banking and financial system is necessary in a modern world. The Federal Reserve is not necessary. A central clearing house is necessary as are many other of the mechanisms of the Federal Reserve. Someone must provide those services to business and investment.

New Rules are required and real oversight necessary by OUR government to serve the American people. You are an anarchist and do not believe in government in any form. Civilization requires some government. American Constitutional government is the best solution. Article 1 of the US Constitution gives all legislative power to the Congress.

In particular it gives Congress the power to create whatever agencies they deem necessary for the general welfare, including one to oversee the coining of money and the printing and regulation of securities of the United States, and the punishment of persons counterfeiting them. Such duties presupposes the creation of an agency to oversee and regulate commerce and banking. Today that agency is called central banking, but the fact remains that someone, or some agency must exercise the mechanisms of the FED to facilitate commerce.

It also gives Congress the power to create NSA, NASA, and FEMA. I know that as an anarchist that you would prefer that all laws and regulations would go away, but civilizations require some measure of uniformity and continuity, prescribed by certain rules and organization, for a functioning society. The American founding documents and the US Constitution are the best manifesto for self determination and self government. Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women.

Yes Walt, its true, they are a statistics. There is nothing I can do about the millions who have suffered and died at the hands of tyrannical governments throughout history, except to point out that fact and encourage Patriots to get involved so that WE do not join them.

None of the countries you allude too had currencies that could be construed as a world currency. I rest my case. The US Dollar CAN go on indefinitely within the current system if the PTB want it to go on, and I expect it WILL go on; as least for the duration of OUR lives, because the PTB profit from it.

Why would they shoot themselves in the foot? The PTB have the money now. Most Americans are just surviving from paycheck to paycheck. Which is why these Americans need food stamps, otherwise there would be chaos and blood on the streets. Blood on the streets has a dampening effect upon corporate earnings and the stock market. Its cheaper and more profitable to give the masses food stamps and food banks.

I also expect a PM backed dollar, or a digital dollar to be installed at some future point to exercise more control over US; so that none can buy or sell without a positive balance on account. But that is yet many years away. The extent of the control exercised upon Americans will be directly related to the participation, or non participation of Americans in the political process.

Walt, I describe our financial system as the PERFECT Ponzi scheme. It is not a run-of-the-mill Ponzi scheme. The difference is that Ponzi schemes collapse when there are no new investors imputing money to pay original investors that exit the investment scheme. That need is somewhere safe to park their cash and receive a cash return on and of their investment. That need is so compelling that these investors willingly absorb the risk of inflation to do it to maintain their liquidity.

If you still believe that the Central Bankers of the Fed etc have the interests of the American people at heart, then I truly do despair of you. They are an international elite, with NO allegiences to any national boundaries whatsoever. In as far as they understand loyalty, it is only to those of their own class. Do your research on Central banking, The IMF and the International Bank of Settlements etc please.

Once one nation is totally raped and pillaged, they merely move on to the next. This little factoid always makes me chuckle. It is no coincidence that the countries who are always under attack defy the banksters and refuse their usury. They stand in the way of oil pipelines and corporate takeover of their land and govt.

No matter which country you name, that is the case. Virtually everything else going on is just a means to their end.

what was the original purpose of the stock market

Every WAR, every govt overthrown, every UN agenda…all of it has to do with stripping the people of various countries of their money, land and rights. If we retire THE FED itself? The first and best line of activism is to demand the govt print our OWN money- like the Constituion says it must. Getting getting some hard assets as long as they can find someone take them. Alphonse, I hate attorneys— How about I rearrange your face to be looking south while you are walking north, Chicken Shit MFer.

Come on now this is getting serious. What has Peterson done with Braveheart and Eisenkraut? Something big is going down, I feel it. Maybe they have been hauled off to a FEMA camp and are waiting for us to come to their rescue. Si vis pacem, para bellum! I will pull out my piper cub. Mounting gun as we speack. We must save Bertha. Only other thing that it needs is a heater…it is really cold right now…hmmm…unless you have a streetsweeper just laying around….

I do have a 30 mach gun. But no side plate. But look better then those propane boom guns on top of a duece and half. When you find out it not happen I g the way you think it cane cause a break down.

Survive it death Yes stay engaged Have a drink. Or maybe Braveheart and Eisenkraut took off on a vacation together, Kulafarmer if you hear anything let us know. MT, Braveheart is probably preparing for the Massive ice storm that is coming to his area this weekend. That region is going to be shellacked FEMA is actually preparing for a severe ice storm. If you live in the Kentucky forex dealers in andheri east, TennesseeWest Virginia, Western North CarolinaGeorgiaVirginia keep tuned to NOAA weather.

This could be a severe event Grid down for days senario. MT, Bravefart got booted from his rental shack and banned from using the library computer cause he stunk so bad. Bravefart stated his case for not owning private property awhile back so peterson exposede bravefart for the puppy dog he uwe wystup fx options is,,imho! Facebook, most on this board live in fear of their own shadows and probably cowered under their beds waiting for that truck to explode outside the half way house,imho.

Your post is like the trash that justice posts. How about something sensical instead of your bs. Braveheart and Outwest contribute to this site; you are just a blight. Do you know where state rd. How about we meet up and see who is scared. Augustine tomorrow around 2pm. Hows that bad boy! Maybe he stroked out shortly after? I clipped some coupons to your favorite fastfood joint….

Free biscuits and sides with every bucket of chicken purchased. In all seriousness, I wonder where Braveheart is. Hope there is nothing wrong with him. If anyone knows let us know. Three major differences today vs The population was much less, only about the size of the number of people receiving a government check today.

Most of the population knew how to do shit back then that will really matter post collapse, like farming, making soap, cooking, hunting, butchering ect. Literally there will be a million or more ways to die post financial collapse. My theory is; strategies/options/ideas for improving water quality in the tn river system you can survive the first 4 months things will get better because the idiots and assholes will have already died or been killed.

Alphonse could be an attorney. They hang around the court houses trying to shake you down for a few bucks when you go before the bench for a traffic ticket and end up requesting supervision, what most judges give anyway. They are a pathetic bunch of bottom feeders! Most of the attorneys i have met are just fucking restricted stock unit award agreement feeders,, If we killed every last one of them the world would be a much more pleasant and polite place.

Shtf posters have finally hit on a subject we can all agree on. I thought I would never see the day! Not here I love my attorney. My girl tell me up hr and the end bill will be what it is be.

And I go OK. Why is it that the first course of action that a what was the original purpose of the stock market invading army does is execute ALL the lawyers?

This proves that just because you have a degree in something, doesnt mean you know how the world really works. Ase… You crack me up! Would love to see you represent Obutthole in a court of ACA recipients. You lawyers, or liars as I like to refer to them, are a big part of the problem with the medical system and society in general.

That and the frivalous lawsuits against products increases cost associated with bringing products to market. Hey, listen ass wipe. I bought silver when it was in the single digits. From here on out. I say…perfect…keep the masses sleeping. It keeps the price of metal down so we can all buy more. Who is the fool at old age? A man who has great dollar gains…but the dollar has been devalued… Or the guy with a safe full of metals.

If you know your history…why have countries gone to war…not for their paper…but to steal their gold. So enforex madrid alberto aguilera is real? Paper that will continue to be printed or metals…limited supply. The market has spiked because of all the fake money chasing it. Mac… Ignore the losers. Mostly lkely another government plant trying to discredit the Real Americans.

The real americans are getting armed, stocked up in every way, including knowledge. We all know the country has been taken over by Commies. It will be fun to watch the brainwashed masses venture into the mansions of the elite and drag them out. A collapse is the best thing for America. Then we all get to laugh at all the liberals.

You will be glad you did. Personally, I think a gold theft will take place again…with a Federal Reserve 2. JPM is now long on metals… http: I used to have a yearly job rejection letter folder, now my folder is monthly. I am glad I live and work as a caretaker of a farm now. Beside a family member, as of today; I now know of 3 people who have killed themselves due to this crap. This is not chicken little.

I have three major degrees and cannot find solid work. My husband was as architectural designer, but of course no work in that area sinceand of course he is back in college fulltime. I just finished my graduate degree in Homeland Security, and because of the sequester, and of course the obvious economy; the government will not even hire me.

Yes, I have a MAOM as well; and that is a MBA on high octant. You have something that no one can take away. The fact that you have these degrees means that you are not a quitter. I think of zombie days after studies at night only to be accused of being stoned on the job because of blood shot eyes?

Sucks — so what? You have the survival instinct. I have a feeling that you will better than most. Do not get discouraged keep applying sooner or later an opening will occur keep checking jobs USA! This agency has a very high turnover. It is the red headed step child of FED GOV. Another Scumbag Atty Sucking the wealth out of other people misery. In SHTF and WROL, Lawyers will be obsolete, as we will all each be our own be Judge, Jury and Executioners.

We all know the market will crash soon. The stock market will go on only as long as the federal reserve wants to keep laundering their money through it. Having said that I believe we will be sent back to the dark ages! That points will scare the hell out of the rest of the world, causing a ripple effect and this might drive our markets even lower.

A real contraction Niche websites make money likely. My guess is that the party continues, even at lower levels, until next spring when Israel hits Iran. Corporate earnings will eventually dictate stability or instability. Lowest brokerage trading account in india and post Xmas sales will be watched closely.

So far, holiday sales are strong, car sales are strong, but housing has peaked, expecting another leg down with the economy while the foreclosure backlog is processed. Institutions have been selling as the market climbs. This in my mind is one of the reasons obummer pushed the employer mandate off, 1. The obvious to try and keep senate seats in the midterms, forex trading companies in pune. The added costs and pressure from the institute of stockbrokers of the employer mandates will further should i buy kraft stock jobs and lower GDP 3.

They can pull off the scharade for only so long and it will collapse, they are starting to lose what control they how to make money off of online poker have and when confidence erodes further and perhaps banks start not playing ball again or some other catalyst occurs it will slide, ALL ponzi schemes come to a head, why would these be any different, SS going broke, More working poor Etc etc….

SS numbers of viability were based on a time when more people were employed, now less are contributing to a system that was already running close to an unsustainable level, now its speeding up toward a cliff, think that wont have an effect? Why havent we seen any numbers on that in the last year or so??? If anyone thinks we are not headed for some sort of slump i feel sorry for you! Did u see the army is cutting back to around 49, airborne troops? Times they are a changing.

It use to be if the word got out that a plane was in town to do drops the strap hangers would come out of the wood work! Now you guys have got me worrying about braveheart, too. I sure hope not. Outwest I hope you are right that he is OK and just not had time for the site. I hope he is with his family.

A sweetie would be nice too. Where OH Where Can Our Braveheart Be Oh Where Oh Can He Be????? Remember that according to Employee stock option offer letter 21, ALL military forces except for UN forces will be reduced or totally disbanded. The NWO has decided that NO country will have a standing army, nor should they need one—because the UN will be the military force for the planet, NOT the individual countries.

That is simply so far in the future as to be the plot for a Lucas or Spielberg film. You simply have no idea what you just commented on. The UN blue helmets are loyal TO THE UNITED NATIONS, i. NWOnot even their own country. How many jumpers do WE need if WE have stealth helicopter transports like the Osprey to set troops behind enemy lines?

I think itll be much worse and more global. There are more who are involved this time and its more evil. There wont be a quick fix because they have to get rid of the working class.

The only fix is for themselves. Focus harder, buckle down. We have a new goal for 5 years hunker down and that may not be enough.

Big bags and buckets of beans and rice for the next couple of months. Any Christmas money or a nice bonus will go into preps. Garden will be bigger next year. More rabbits and chickens. When the stock market update market to playstore manually in factories closed.

People lost their jobs immediately. There was no unemployment compensation or food stamps. Barn You are right. There was no food stamps, Or unemployment. Now there is and if it crashes again it will be the working class that is left to take care of them by taking taxes out of our checks. I believe we are paying too Damn much now, for all the Zombies and Leaches out there. This could very well be the straw that breaks the camels back!!!

Right now we are hearing a familiar tune. I imagine when people take to the streets in revolt because they can no longer contain their anger and are starving, the stars will still be singing on TV, with all the coding jobs from home tennessee and falseness…just like the corporate state pays them to putting earnest money down on a house. It is only being propelled by the promise of more fake money printing.

Statistical versus clinical prediction of the stock market this regime is doing to America is nothing short of murder.

Christmas is just a small indication of what is really going on, joblessness, hopelessness, fear of the future, we are running on empty and soon we will be out of gas. I believe we are on the precipice of something quite life altering, Obamacare is the tipping point and with the dear leader touting his spread the wealth mantra the way he is forex charts co uk to now, it will be too much for even the most faithful democrats.

The dear leader is nuts. The banks were successful in their lobby for repeal of all the laws regarding their do you get paid for donating plasma in the uk. No one protected us and now its open season. It will crash for sure when the bones of the middle class become bleached. Nothing left to steal. With both orchestrated by the House of Rothschild.

Deja Vu all over again. I would think years is just about enough of that. Difference is now there is so much manipulation going on with the rates, the Fed, QE, etc, things graphic app for binary options ipad simply not apples to apples.

There will be a reckoning in our future, who the hell knows when. Jeez we are putting our house up for sale around Jan 1st. We are how to make more money in puzzle craft into our condo which we own, meaning NO mortgage. I just hope this all holds together long enough to get the house sold. It may not happen on Jan 14th or Feb 14th but some time some day this fake market reality will come crashing down and will will look like good times.

The market is not the only thing fx options and structured products uwe wystup. Just like the last 10 years or so.

The government is the leader in making good moral character a thing of the past. Heck, even the pope is saying crap that does not belong to the teachings of the catholic church. I think untill an outside source tanks it including the citizens …it will just keep going till they control everything, at some point its going to be all or nothing or Now or Never mentality…. There have been many good ones in both professions but in my opinion they are at the all time low for being trustworthy.

They may feel they are omnipotent at this stage in the game. Upon further review it may not be so stable in all the worlds economies. Actually I do not think Lawyers and Politicians will say too much of anything, if it goes south. Except of course to Save Their Ass. This time it IS different. Helicopter Ben is here.

Janet Yellin is also True Believer. This tenet of their is faith is why the Fed will keep printing and printing and printing.

And it will work. Possible major ice storm in the midwest. Primary genny, backup genny, battery cara trading forex for all electronic comms, topped up the gallon water storage tank, topped up the 6x6x10 woodbin for the furnace, changed to a fresh tank of cooking propane.

My rainwater catchment is already full. Can we get on with the ice please? And if it does, so what? People will stop spending money for a bit while the problem slowly resolves. Not so tragic after all. The chart does look bad as far as similarities go. But there is a major difference; the Fed of long ago was not printing with so much abandonment then. My guess is that the market is responding only to the quantity of money rather than seeking anything other than financial protection from devaluated dollars.

I recall there was a similar rise in the London market when the U. The chart is also manipulated with regard economic cycles stock market percentages of low to high on the left and right.

This does allow for an amazingly close chart overlay. Even if it had not been forex bureaus in uganda, the curve trends themselves are the same and do seem significant. Most of us were not in that group.

Not saying good or bad here, just that this income inequaltiy is also mirroring things before forex robot trading reviews Depression.

Haves are gaining, the have nots are loosing. I can hardly wait for the markets to crash and there to be runs on the banks, it was due to systemic flaws then and it will die because people dont learn their lesson and there are systemic flaws now, Some of you say no way, Do you really think these assholes are that bright that they can make this all go away?

Dream on, politicians are not even capable fastest ways to make money in runescape writing a budget, the bankers and brokers are just plain greedy, Anyone who is playing the markets is playing with fire and most likely deserves to get burned unless they are on it like a magnate and can pull the plug on ppt on buyback of shares paper as soon as the ink turns red.

Most will just be wondering what happened and then be boo hooing. We humans will continue with the old ways until a new and better one is found and then most of us will take the new way and continue to evolve. The problem with economics is a uncontrolled population growth; This instigates planned obsolescence. Planned obsolescence is a business strategy in which the obsolescence of a product is planned and built into it from its conception.

This is done so that in future the consumer feels a need to purchase new products and services that the manufacturer brings out as replacements for the old ones. Ah, we never learn. Having been in the sales side of the petroleum industry for the past 30 years or so, I can cynically tell you that the two greatest sales motivators are fear and greed. The stock market run up is a perfect illustration of that. When the averages are heading north, everybody jumps on the bandwagon, buying at overvalued prices hoping not to miss out.

Then, when the market tops and begins to head south, they all collectively panic and bail out, trading option binaire conseil getting killed on the way down. Precious metals are another good example. Few takers these days. The PMs have been pounded by the Comex fraudsters. But that is when the smart money loads up. Problem is, there is very little smart money. DK — you make a lot of sense in many areas.

I concur the announcement of the death of the dollar is premature. I am far more concerned about the derivatives bubble, and the effect of potential bank failures with an equities collapse. China has been printing like crazy and their state managed economy is in current forex rates in kenya massive bubble.

I am not with the ranks of people who think the Chinese will take over. No statist economy ever worked out well. It is this worldwide debt bubble that will take it all down — reducing international commerce to a trickle. It will get very ugly indeed. And this is where the real battle for our souls takes place. Do the globalists step in, and re-boot to a one world currency? Do we step up as Americans and rediscover our natural rights and fight to preserve our liberty?

This is the great question kenya stock exchange stockbrokers forward. These are indeed very historic times. People who scoff at preppers embarrassingly expose their own ignorance. Let the cynics mock us. If we can survive and one day put it all back together, then let history be the judge. The true battle we face is simple — individualism vs.

I say, bring it on! This crowd, myself included, seems to act counterintuitively: The financial people I read, including my son-in-law, say this is not a bubble. Not an irrational thing at all. It is the natural reaction of investors who cannot get a decent return by buying bonds, since the prime bonds US Treasuries are at almost zero interest rate. The loom of inflation is scaring them witless, just as the possibility of a bank collapse DEflation is scaring bankers witless, a condition that fills me with glee.

Central bankers have tools to stop an inflation. Not that they have chosen to use them stealth forex signals pro version in the last 30 years! They have no tools to stop a deflationary spiral once money exchange rate south african rand gets going. Or maybe I should say the obliteration of banks causes deflation.

Actually the obliteration of banks IS deflation. Inflation steals savings, especially of the poor and middle class, but since the upper class makes policy, we get the shaft. Until we decide to get literal and give it trading hours for corn futures them.

I live in a small town in Ark. Can anyone make out what this means? A few reasons I can think of:. When the controllers are ready they can now do this with one mouse click. Speaking of JP Morgan, looks like they are being fined 13 Billion dollars.

If they do so while we are still heavily armed there will not be enough assets and resources left for them to profit from. After they have rung the public towel dry and disarmed the populace- THEN they will make their move. The ramp up is def there…but it is still a climb rather than a cliff hanger.

Many other nations are going for the gold, so we see the movement away from the dollar there. Of course I could be way off and it could all come tumbling down in months.

I have always said that when the market hits the 17, mark it will crash. Its just a gut feeling. My wife still has some of her money in the market. I keep telling her to take it out. For you folks that have money in the market, if it dose crash I feel sorry for you and I hope you are not hurt too bad.

At this time if it starts to crashes on Jan 14Th this might be what the guy a DHS was talking about. When he said something big was coming around Jan 15Th? History usually repeats itself after a few generations.

Whether they decide to boost QE or taper I think both end up having a negative impact. Too many factors to throw any dates out there though. No one knows exactly what will trigger it. The important thing to realize is that it will happen eventually.

All currencies dry up at some point in time.

Always prepare to the best of your financial ability without screwing yourself over in case this keeps getting kicked down the road. Unless all hell breaks loose possible, but again too many factors you will still have to pay your debt. A few months ago the mere suggestion of tapering QE caused a quick drop in the stock indices.

They quickly changed their tune. I seriously wonder if Bernanke told the Halfrican Dictator that he wanted out. Because the strain of trying to run ever faster to stay in the same place has burned him out.

So maybe we are all descended from cavemen who were good hunters and meat driers who just really wanted to get laid. A MUST SEE VIDEO. Little girl, a dying breed, would rather have people purchase here products than have people donate money for nothing. God help the rest of society that takes the other BO approach that the security guard said, BEG and get what you need.

AGAIN, A MUST SEE GOOD FEELING VIDEO. I wanna see those walmart monkeys ooking,eeking and acreeching when the EBT fails, of when their EBT card limint wont buy a loaf of bread. Time to cull the career welfare moochers! I feel that most preppers are ONLY interested in survival for themselves and their families and a better world and a better life in the future.

I believe that most are spiritual and have a sense of goodness about them. I believe that they would not take advantage of a situation to gain carnal advantage of someone less fortunate than they are. The issue of living with oneself and having a conscience is really the point here. Trading something like food for something like a machine part that you need is what. This to me is something that God would frown down upon big time and make evil gleeful to see. This really is not exactly a joking manner when you truly think about it.

A starving person with severe hunger pains or dying from dehydration so desperate that they open their body to another that could be totally disease ridden. We are all better than this, and this primitive level of these miserable parasites that are the killers of the planet and life, the elitists and bankers.

Some time ago, I replied on another blog that prepping for what is to come is not all that hard. I like to believe that a better world will emerge after the economic implosion, but that will depend on how the stronger those being better equipped to face the storm, like preppers will behave towards others. After all, what would be the point of building a nuclear shelter when after the blast everybody and everything above your head is literally toast?

No point in resurfacing then, is there? Whereupon the civil engineer says: BTW that and one other shaggy dog story are the only two useful bits of knowledge that I got from 3 years as an undergrad economics major. On Tuesday, whilst speaking to a group of university students in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the Arctic posed a region of vital importance to not only the economic interests of Russia, in terms of the vast hydrocarbon reserves buried there, but also the defence interests of the country, due to the threat of potential missile strikes from US submarines based in Arctic waters.

The Birth Of Stock Exchanges

Russia Takes Steps to Increase LNG ExportsThere are U. The sorry fact is that most United States Citizens are either too busy playing with toys or too busy trying to get a job while being lied to by the media. Keep trying to warn them though, because the smart ones will listen at sometime.

Hopefully before the threat cannot be stopped. Finally I see people waking up to what I have been saying about Lawyers, for more then half my life.! I put on my bling Had my dreadlocks all shaggy Walked out to my Honda In britches quite baggy.

I drove down the street With the rap music thumping And went by the projects To see what was jumping. Cruised past the liquor store And on to the park Where I made the acquaintance Of an undercover narc. I went back to my crib And kicked off my shoes Then plopped on the couch To take a short snooze. I dreamed of my homeys And days long ago All the tricks that they taught me For selling fake snow.

The lessons I learned Bring me riches galore Happy Kwanzaa to all And to all a big score! Making people laugh is more of a high than smoking a joint. And for him Not a good night. Set up by some black dude in prison for life for rape and murder.

If I remember right. When Berry goes to prison what holiday will he set up? And if you think Homo Rape is ok, just because he was thrown in jail over a bogus arrestthan your sick. VRF You have a right to your opinion! But anyone selling drugs that looks like Coke or is fake Coke should to be put into jail. Bs THAT GET SENT TO PRISON. YOU NEED TO WALK IN MY SHOES JUST ONCE AND YOU WOULD CHANGE YOU MIND. What the discussion and my comment was about was a person going to jail, and you saying that its ok for them to be jail raped for selling powdered sugar.

You know how much a hate censorship, one day if BO had his way you would not even be allowed to post this on the internet. I see more and more of this censored each and everyday. Look at these BANNED cartoon clips that I could remember growing up seeing all the time on cartoon Saturday. Something that is totally BANNED and looked upon as horrible against homosexuals. Yet this had very good tips and points about protecting young people from the perverts at this time that were nothing like now.

Censorship is something that is disease of the mind and political correctness is a virus that is nothing but banning others from seeing something that offends someone. One day we might not be able to view anything that is first not totally screened and filtered. A horrible day if that ever occurs.

I remember being surprised when that goofy Ron Paul used to say it; but now my kid was in public I saw it first hand. A real nightmare for those poor kids stills stuck there.

I think it has been one of the goals of this administration not only to diminish the US influence world wide, but to also financially bankrupt the US Economy and they are doing a good job. There will be a collapse when those who control the purse strings decide its the right time. The question is, will the system rebound or will it be replaced by a new one? If I was in the market, I think I would get out and have some cash on hand and have some items my family would need during hard economic times.

It is a conspiracy of Marxists and Islamists that has put one of their own in as President of the United States to destroy the country from within and convert our Constitutional Republic into a socialist police state.

What a field-day for the heat A thousand people in the street Singing songs and carrying signs Mostly say, hooray for our side. Not wrong if you have Mr. I hope to get a bundle of them this weekend. Energy saving idea for those with baseboard heaters- get out a fan and blow it past the heater to distribute the warm air throughout the house quickly.

There are so many ugly things converging at once…economic disaster, Fukushima fallout, authoritarian oppression magnified, world war…makes me want to sell my farm and go to Uruguay.

And with that trend we also have the continued rise of this fourth branch. We have agencies that are quite large that issue regulations. The Supreme Court said recently that agencies could actually define their own or interpret their own jurisdiction.

I just posted this, Its still in moderation, next time ill just copy itmoderation just seems to take too long anymore. Plug your bloc heeter in and delute with mystery marvel. One thing that we can do to prepare for the eventual demise of our economy and our way of life is to make a safe place for our family to dwell in the event of civil unrest that will happen is inevitable.

A step that we can take while our dollar still has value is to invest in the safety of our families. One of those things to do making sure that we have a safe place to bunker down in a world filled with danger.

A bunker is the perfect place to hunker down! It will prove to be your most important tool when shtf. Whether it is a underground place to live or even just a safe room to have in your urban home, your family will need a safe place to go.

what was the original purpose of the stock market

Considering efficiency, durability, quality and being low key, there is a company out there building said shelters that is paving the way for the industry. There name is Rising S Bunkers and a link could be found here: Barring natural or man-made, albeit not on purpose, catastrophes, I think that John C.

The powers at be will most likely throw enough duck tape and bubblegum at the problem to keep things relatively smooth, but worsening, until So, if you invest in BitCoin, then you might want to consider getting out of them around the end of or beginning of before the bottom falls out. I would not put all my eggs in the BitCoin basket anyway. SHTF moments to say the least. So if this guy gets jail rapedfor having mentosdo you think its ok for him to sue? Let me try to answer this. If a person is driving a car and the police are chasing it because it was stolen and the driver and the passenger are involved in an accident, and they kill the driver of the other car.

They can be charged with Vehicular manslaughter. Now as far as him being unarmed well that puts a different spin on things. What I would like to know is why the shot at the guy in the first place. Something is fishy here. Was he on Bath Salts and trying to eat people or what? Like I said something is fishy here. I hope this helped. Man I would really like to know what justified them to shot at him in the first place?

The insanity of the liability lawyers has caused the NYPD to have special Glocks made with a TWELVE POUND trigger pull. Lord that will through accuratcy off big time. Well it looks like a good time to start raising more chickens. Chickens are great though, and the eggs are a wonder food. After the December Holidays, its all going to hit the fan. Companies will lay off people, retailers are cutting way back on stocking shelves, disposable income is diminishing, and we will be down to basic items.

The stock market is crashing, margin calls will destroy the stock market, including Gold and Silver. The Government Debt ceiling will explode with no more foreign debt buyers. I just stocked up on on other Prep, kerosene today for my new lantern. Have at least 5 alternative ways to cook your food without electric, as the grid crashes either by false flag computer hack or by the Government shut down to hide thier bankruptcy and to install Marshal Law.

Detroit is just a dress rehersal. I hope you are all ready for SHTF for real. We argue here about the future while the crooks are stealing lifetime fortunes and lifetime fortunes from the taxpayers — daily! In my recent experience. BTW, you all are wrong on the timing. Look at the chart. We have a party-time blow off coming. All that free money will be spent doing idiotic, unproductive things — like obuttacare.

In people were in better physical shape, could take care of themselves, and were more resilient think wringer washers and actually working for a living instead of sitting at a desk and staring at a computer.

Looks like I chose a decent spot to relocate to, but some parts of the UK are getting hit HARD right now by a nasty weather front may have guests at the weekend. Actually most people are still reasonably decent despite the efforts of our overlords. Not hearing any nasty stories of looting or anything, but have had several elderly friends ring and tell me their teen neighbours have helped them get ready for this. Our youth are not completely beyond redemption.

I viewed your link, the article and pictures showed the magnitude of what everyone is going through. I will have to watch the BBC news — UK.

This is going to last 36 hours. Imho, this storm you are having in England is right up there with Katrina and Sandy. The fact that gay marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day makes perfect biblical sense, because Leviticus Remember the articles last year and the year before that had some elite retired general of Earth giving an anonymous tip that SHTF super soon right?

Live your life, prepare for the worst, but stop exaggerating …this is exactly what the media does on the OTHER end of the scale….

There is being prepared and being aware and then there is trying to use scare tactics to manipulate people to do what YOU want them to do. Looks like the trends correlate, but what can be said for cause? Forget about the time, what about the event? The key event is for other nations to reject another round of US monetary expansion; can the exchanges sustain it — the US has given the farm, gold, oil, your children to the other nations already to make up the differences.

So I guess we have a ways to run. Sorry but correlation is not enough to prove causation. The trends may be similar but the catalysts are not; in stock prices were hyperinflated whereas today they are trading based on record corporate profits. If anything, stocks are cheap compared to historical norms and the market is priced tepidly considering how much money companies are pulling in. The funny thing about this is that we also fly through the debris trail from Comet Ison from about Jan.

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Get Protein - Survival Meat. Have Water in an Emergency. Canned Meat - 15 yr Shelf Life. CBRN Tactical Gas Mask. Amoxicillin - Coupon FISH How to Train for a Worst-Case Disaster Not Doing This Before Winter Could Endanger Your Home The Power Grid Is Far More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Than Most People Realize.

What Civil War 2. RAIDS CONTINUE DUE TO THE HIGH OPEN INTEREST IN SILVER AS THE BANKERS JUST CANNOT GET THOSE SILVER LEAVES TO FALL Good News For Gold Thanks to Fed Policies Illinois Comptroller: A Line in the Steppes: NATO Meets an Expanded SCO Russian Hacking Continues — Dems Crushed in Georgia Putin: Wolf Street Wood Pile Report Yoga Sacramento Zero Hedge. Ken Jorgustin of Modern Survival Blog writes: You must check out this stunning analogy between the current day Dow Jones Industrial Index compared with the time period leading up to the memorable stock market crash… The pattern of stock price movements looks VERY close to the lead-up to the top.

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